Just let this sink in

I believe that both God and Satan inspire us.  Through our writing, our music, and everything we are.  This song to me is the most earnest conversation between God and Satan.  Imagine Satan as the thief, and the manifestations of God as the moon.

Said the Thief to the Moon, “I’ll extinguish your light soon
I’ll put an end to all the light that you shed on this world in its darkened state.”

Said the Moon to the Thief, “You know not of what you seek
You’ll doom the world to wander the night with no light to guide the paths that men seek.”

“Oh, but all the wealth in the world will be mine
Without a means of defense for all those blind
My very existence is a race to attain wealth
For the thief’s only loyalty in life is to the Devil and himself.”

“The earth will rise up and devour all that you are
The skies will call forth thunderous storms from afar
When you’re dead, there’ll be no grave to remember your name
For your greed brings your end and there’s no one but yourself to blame.”

The reality of choice

I’ve touched on this briefly in my prologue.  The reality of choice is a f’cking beautiful thing.  This reality, the reality we all live in, is what epitomizes free will.  We all have the freedom to make whatever choice we please.  While some people use this ability to choose to do evil things, I have to believe that most people only want to do what’s best for themselves and those that they love.  This may lead to causing problems that go further than the people they thought would be affected by their choice, but there’s no way we can know what the exact outcome of our choices will be.  That is the beauty of choice.  It’s indeterminate and incalculable.  We know full well how we will react to a choice or an outcome.  We can never presume to know how others will react.

Choice; is sitting in a restaurant.  You’re presented with a menu and you read it over.  You notice several things that sound delicious but you can’t make up your mind.  So internally you flip a coin.  You play Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and you leave the choice to chance.  Little did you know that the sandwich you decided to eat would give you food poisoning.  Had you chosen to eat something else on the menu, would that still have happened?  It’s a choice.  It’s not random.  You decided to eat that sandwich, and you must deal with the consequences.

This is the simplest and easiest example of choice that I can provide.  In reality a lot of the choices we encounter are much more difficult than this.  The most difficult thing about it is that we never truly know what the outcome of those choices will be until after we’ve already made them.  We can do a little math in our head, come out with a guestimation of what we think might happen, and then make an educated guess.  I think that’s what most of us do.  But we never really know what will happen for some of those more difficult scenarios until the choice is already gone.  That’s what we call hindsight.

With 2020 about to begin, I hope that hindsight isn’t all we have left.

On the topic of death

This morning, just before I woke up, I dreamt that I was shot in the back.  The bullet passed through me instantly, but that split second seemed like a lifetime.  In that short moment before I died images and thoughts flashed through my mind.  These abstract conjurations seemed to answer all of the questions I had.  Then suddenly everything faded white.  Like when the ‘real world’ fades into the construct when Neo learns what the Matrix is.  Then I woke up.  I don’t remember anything I learned, or the questions that were answered.

A Conscious Thought of a Rational Mind

Consciousness cannot be quantified or measured.  Science has not found a way to determine what it is in our brain that makes us conscious and self aware.  There have been many studies into this topic.  Is it a soul?  What is it that gives us the ability to reason?  What is this constant nagging that tells us to ask: ‘why’?  So ultimately, why do we ask why?  This question seems a bit like dividing by zero.  It appears to be a ponderous thought that leads you down into a deep infinity within your own mind and one that you won’t ever be able to answer.  Well, I don’t think that this post will lead you to an answer either.  So, if you think this is a waste of time, go ahead and turn away now, because it’s only going to get deeper from here.

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The Actual Beginning

Growth.  What is it?  Growth is not just the act of getting larger.  Growth is also metaphysical.  Growth is something that we all experience in our daily lives.  In fact, all living things experience the act of growth.  You could say: “It’s a fact of life.”  There are three facts of life that I’ve found.  These three things are ubiquitous for all forms of life.  This post is about the first of those items.

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The Beginning of the Beginning

There’s that ultimate question.  As Douglas Adams phrased it, “How many roads must a man walk down?”  Most of us should have heard the answer to that one already.  This question burns in all of us.  It drives us to find purpose, to grow older and stronger, to develop our skills and ourselves, and to create something that will allow us to be remembered for years after we’re gone.  This question takes many forms.  Why are we here?  What is it all for?  Is there any purpose to it?  I believe that there is.  I also believe that the purpose is much more simple than we expect.  I will explain this in more detail in the future, but I don’t want to leave you in suspense.  So I will say that I just told you the answer to this question.  It is the very purpose that we are driven to by that simple question.  To grow, to develop, and to create.  All living things follow this path.  I know that many people may think that this answer is too simple.  That there must be something more to it.  I will explain that in future posts.  For now I will leave you to ponder.

The Meaning of Life – Tease

I know the meaning of life.  I know why we are here.  I know what it’s all about.  That’s been the point of the whole shebang.  I’m not going to unveil it now.  That would be a waste.  It’s too soon.  This is just the teaser.  The trailer to say, that there is more coming.  More to say, more to do.  “More to me than there is to me” as Leo Bloom would say.  A lot of people will answer 42, because they heard it once in that one movie…  WELL! If you actually read the books… you’d know that 42 is the ultimate answer.  The ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything.  But the people who asked for the answer to the ultimate question did not understand the ultimate question in itself.  Later on in the story, a new machine was built to produce the ultimate question, so that we could understand the ultimate answer.  This machine malfunctioned, and produced the question “What is Six by Nine?”  well, as we all know six multiplied by nine is 54, not 42….  So the people that built these machines decided to come up with their own question.  That question was ‘How many roads must a man walk down?’.  This makes more sense with the answer 42, and is something that will make you think.  Well, I have news.  The meaning of life, why we are all here, it is not 42.  Though that was a good, humorous, jaunt into philosophy; Douglas Adams was not quite on point.  I will say, however, that the meaning of life is very simple.  It is something, nay, three things…  that all living things have in common.  Everything that lives will strive for these same three goals in their lives.  Even plants.  It is why we are here.  It makes scientific sense, and it is not the prophetic, ideological, or philosophical answer you were looking for.  But it is true….

Think about it


While this video is very satirical, it does touch on some very important subjects.  There is a lot of violence in this world.  There are a lot of people that are upset about the state of the world.  I know I’m not the only one.  I think that most people are inherently good people.  The biggest conflict is that there are many different types of people who have conflicting ideas.  These conflicts cause strife among people.  There’s not really much that’s wrong with that.  We just need to make sure that we try not to offend other people who are different from ourselves.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I believe it’s not fair to stifle someone else in favor of my own view.  Like I say in my prologue insanity is a point of view not a state of mind.  Now, all this said, there are people out there that are truly evil.  These people have no remorse, compassion, or empathy for fellow human beings.  This leads them to do evil things.  The hard part is trying differentiate between a conflict of opinion, and someone who is truly out to hurt you.

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