This is a rant.  I’m very upset.  I was at the bar.  All I wanted to do was enjoy a few beers and some pretzels.  This particular bar has awesome soft pretzel sticks, that are served with sriracha ranch and queso… but that’s not what this post is about.  Though those pretzels are awesome…..  But still.  even though I was able to enjoy my beer and pretzels I was pissed off.  There were these douches.. at the bar.  Sexist, old creepy weirdo assh’les chillin there at the bar, drinking and doing creepy weird things to the women bartenders.  I could tell that the bartenders were put off by it, but they also put up with it.  These guys were obviously regulars.  The girls behind the bar just dealt with their creepy advances probably because they tipped well.  I sat there politely minding my own business, enjoying my beer and pretzels; watching the winter olympics on tv.  I noticed that two new bartenders came in and they started changing drawers and it looked like a shift change.  I made sure to close out before the shift change so that the bartenders who took care of me could get the tip before they leave.  I’ve worked in a restaurant, I know the drill.  Generally I did not have to ask for another beer when I wanted one, Instead I was asked if I would like one.  I had a good experience with my servers and so I tipped well (well over 18%).  I did not need them to put up with me being a douche bag pervert assh’le to leave a good tip.  The behavior I witnessed made me ashamed to be a man.  It made me ashamed to know that men get away with treating women that way.  It was offensive and irritating to see that happen.  I was thinking about it as I went home.  How if I were one of those women my job would mean less than my dignity.  I’d punch those creepy old dudes right in the face and knock them on their ass.  f’ck those dudes.  then I realized something else.  Maybe I feel that way because I’ve been raised as a man.  I’ve never had to really deal with that kind of treatment in a public forum.  I don’t know what it’s like to be a woman.  Maybe it’s not the fact that they need the job that prevents them from punching an assh’le in the face.  maybe it’s the fact that they’re used to it.  they deal with it every day, all the time….. F’ck….  what a load of crap…  what a big heaping steaming pile of f’cked up bullsh’t…..  it made me even more ashamed to be a man.  It’s time that men stood up for the rights of women.  We need more men that are feminists.  #heforshe